Decker-Smith Pottery

Decker-Smith Pottery produces beautiful functional handmade stoneware. Each piece is wheel-thrown, hand-assembled, and high-fired. All pottery is food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe.

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DSP is now available on etsy! Christmas is coming. Shop now!
Upcoming Shows
Itchin' to get your hands on some Decker-Smith Pottery? Come see us at these shows!
Clay Play Parties!
Looking for a fun creative party idea for an upcoming event? DSP does parties!
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The DSP Kickstarter Campaign was a Success!
Thank you to everyone who pledged to the DSP kickstarter campaign! Your generosity helped us raise 3x our goal!
Decker-Smith Pottery is meant to be used! Nothing makes food look and taste better than presenting it on beautiful dinnerware.
Because you can’t eat, drink, and be merry without the drink…
Tea Time
Teapots are sublime and are my favorite pots to make! Each element from handle to spout brings character and life to the form.

Thank you for visiting Here’s the latest goings on at Decker-Smith Pottery:

  • The 2016 Decker-Smith Pottery Summer Show Tour will wrap up with a show in Asheville, NC on June 23, and one in Shelby, NC on June 25. Check out our Upcoming Shows page to see when we might be in your area! In the meantime, like us on facebook so you’ll get all the latest updates. 
  • The Decker-Smith Pottery Etsy Shop is open!
  • The 2015 Decker-Smith Pottery Kickstarter Campaign was a great success! In 16 days 103 people pledged $7,550 to help give Decker-Smith Pottery a new start! Thank you to all of you who contributed to DSP 2.0. If you’d like to see the campaign video and read about the campaign, check out the Decker-Smith Pottery kickstarter project.