Pottery of the Month Club

You’ve heard of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Now try the CSP (Community Supported Pottery)!

The Decker-Smith Pottery CSP will work just like a CSA, except that instead of getting fresh-from-the-farm produce, subscribers get fresh-from-the-kiln Decker-Smith Pottery.2017 Christmas Bell

You choose the frequency and subscription level (standard or premium), and pots will arrive like magic throughout the year, including a special bonus end-of-the-year pot for all subscribers: a Decker-Smith Pottery Christmas Bell!

CSP Subscription Benefits:

  • Add art to everyday life!
  • Pay less than retail price!
  • Happy surprises in the mail on a regular basis!
  • Become a patron of the arts and supporter of an artist (a local artist if you’re in Colorado)!
  • Make someone’s year with the gift of a CSP subscription!
  • Easily start (or add to) your Decker-Smith Pottery collection!
  • Have lovely gift-giving options on hand all year!
  • Receive special offers for CSP subscribers only!
  • Receive a Decker-Smith Pottery Christmas Bell for free, no matter what subscription level and frequency you choose!

Subscription Details: Subscribers can expect to receive a lovely variety of handmade pottery including mugs, bowls, serving pieces, and utilitarian items.

Subscription Options:

  • Monthly – One pot a month all year long – 13  pieces total (including the bonus Christmas Bell)
  • Every Other Month – Receive pots in December, February, April, June, August, and October – 7  pieces total (including the bonus Christmas Bell)
  • Quarterly – Receive pots in December/January, April, July, and October- 5 pieces total (including the bonus Christmas Bell)


  • Standard – The standard pots will be some of Decker-Smith Pottery’s simpler designs. Glaze treatments will be less intricate.
    standard pots
  • Premium – For just $10 more per piece, premium pots will get those extra design flourishes and more intricate glaze treatments.
    advanced pots


  • Local – If you live in the Denver area we can arrange for pick-up or delivery at no charge.
  • Non-Local – Items will be shipped directly to you. Shipping cost is included in the subscription price.


DSP CSP Price Graphic

*At this time the DSP CSP is only available in the U.S.

***Purchase Gift Subscriptions by December 18 to ensure your recipient will receive their first installment and Christmas Bell in time for Christmas!***

Choose the Frequency, Level, and Location that works for you and click the Buy Now button under it.

Quarterly Subscriptions:

  • Quarterly, Standard, Local for $140
  • Quarterly, Standard, Non-Local for $180 
  • Quarterly, Premium, Local for $180 
  • Quarterly, Premium, Non-Local for $220 

Every Other Month Subscriptions:

  • Every Other Month, Standard, Local for $210 
  • Every Other Month, Premium, Local for $270 
  • Every Other Month, Standard, Non-Local for $270 
  • Every Other Month, Premium, Non-Local $330 

Monthly Subscriptions:

  • Monthly, Standard, Local for $420 
  • Monthly, Premium, Local for $540 
  • Monthly, Standard, Non-Local for $540 
  • Monthly, Premium, Non-Local for $660