About the Artist

Jessa and kiddos

Jessa Decker-Smith began working in clay at Mars Hill College in 1997. After graduating from Mars Hill in 2000 with a degree in Communication, she continued her work in clay at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC, and at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City TN, where she was awarded her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics in December of 2004.

To everything there is a season and 2007-2011 was the season of babies. Though she went to unload a kiln on her way to the hospital to deliver their first child, and made pots with said child strapped to her body for the next year and a half – the season of babies was not good for pottery. So during that season, Decker-Smith Pottery hung up its apron.

But now, all those babies are children. They know about avoiding kilns and fire and they know about the fragility of greenware and how to stay safe in a pottery studio. The season of pottery is returned!

Decker-Smith Pottery is back up and running thanks to the many generous supporters of the Decker-Smith Pottery Returns Kickstarter Campaign, successfully completed in March 2015.

Jessa cites among her influences the work of her mentors Jane Renfroe, Dan Finnegan, and Don Davis, along with the art and architecture of India and the aesthetic of usefulness.

Eric and Jessa


Jessa lives in Denver, CO with her husband Eric, who also has been known to dabble in pottery, and their children Eli, Amos, and Hazel.





The Decker-Smith Pottery inventory is constantly changing. If you would like to purchase items, please email me and I will send you photos of pots that are currently available.  If I don’t have what you need in stock, I’m happy to whip up a special order!