Artist’s Statement

Potter at work

On a Wednesday morning not long ago, a woman drove up to me on the street, rolled down her passenger side window and told me her son drank orange juice that morning out of a cup I made for a local coffeehouse. That is why my work exists. I want someone’s child to enjoy juice out of one of my cups. I create work for people to take into their homes and use to feed their families.

My work exists as I hope I do,
to add brightness and ease to life,
to assist,
to serve,
to comfort,
to celebrate,
to enliven.

My work is constantly influenced by innumerable stimuli. Outwardly,many of my forms and designs are inspired by the forms and designs of the art and architecture of India. Inwardly, as I create, I take into account how a child’s small hand might maneuver a lid on a cookie jar, or how to best create a tea setting to invite a whole family to have tea together.

It’s about connection.


The Decker-Smith Pottery inventory is constantly changing. If you would like to purchase items, please email me and I will send you photos of pots that are currently available.  If I don’t have what you need in stock, I’m happy to whip up a special order!